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MCA makes select, direct private debt and equity investments as well as term debt and factor financing from committed funds.



Globus Magnolia Senior Living provides assisted living, memory care, respite care and end of life case in a professionally managed, enriching environment that supports living life to the fullest.



Founded in 2013, Austin Eastciders uses real ingredients like Texas honest, hop flowers, real pineapple, and blood orange juice. The process begins with cider apple juice concentrate from Europe and ends in Austin, Texas at their new state of the art packing facility. 

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Rose De Nuit (RDN) is a B2B hair product creator and distributor. The company was established in February 2017 and is based in Irving, Texas. RDN is primarily owned by Simon Jeon and Hicham Khodri, who have 25 combined years of experience in Independent Beauty Supply Stores (IBSS) and have strong relations to Korean and Chinese manufacturers.  RDN sells its hair extension products under brands Sphinx Beauty and Rose De Nuit Hair.

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Vamos Auto is a Arlington based car dealership specializing in pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUV's. Vamos offers warranties and competitive financing solutions and has opened new location in Waco and Dallas. 

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Critter Control© of Fort Worth, Texas is a wildlife control company. The company’s three major services are: Animal control, pest control and wildlife management. These services are provided to homeowners, condos, apartments and other multi-family communities, businesses, organizations and government agencies. 

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Hail Merry

Hail Merry is a plant-based snack company that targets the healthy indulgence market. Susan O'Brien founded the company from her kitchen in 2008 and has spread the company's influence to retailers across the country.  

Hari Mari is a lifestyle brand that sells footwear and apparel. The company started by selling flip flops that contain a memory foam toe separator for superior comfort. Last year they expanded into the closed toe market and began selling boots and shoes along with apparel including T-shirts, hats, and tank tops.


Hari Mari, LLC

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FTI Belman provides engineering and technical installation and decommissioning services to telecom and cable company data centers across the U.S. MCA sponsored a management buyout in late 2015 and holds a material equity stake in the Company.



American Aerospace Tech, Inc

American Aerospace (AATI) provides manned and unmanned aerial services focused on Oil & Gas industry (pipeline patrols). The Company operates aircraft at up to 15,000’ altitudes and has an exclusive/first mover use case to operate in the 500’ – 15,000’ altitude range as part of the NASA SIO program. In addition, AATI recently entered into a series of Master Service Agreements with top oil and gas pipeline operators. It is also worth noting that AATI was chosen by a group of the world’s top operators to lead the industry tech change to automated pipeline surveillance.

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