MCA makes select, direct private debt and equity investments as well as term debt and factor financing from committed funds.

Globus Management Group, LLC was founded in 2012 and specializes in construction services within four key areas: renovations, commercial construction and roofing, and property services. The company’s principals have over a century of experience in construction.


Coil Express is specialty/niche distributor of OEM Atomizer Coils to the nearly 10,000 Vapor/e-cigarette shops nationwide.  The company is positioning itself as the “B2B/Amazon of Vape Coil Distributors” and is unique in the industry as a single-source supplier for this critical segment of the industry’s value chain.


Marble Falls Glass & Mirror, Inc. is a 3rd generation, family-owned business founded in 1964 by W.A. Walker. The Company is located in Marble Falls, Texas and serves the greater central Texas market offering a variety of custom-cut glass, mirror and window options and other glass products serving both residential and commercial clients.


Custom Computer Cables of America is an independent regional distribution and OEM supply partner of Fiber Optic and Copper Cable products and supplies.



Remarkable Healthcare operates four skilled nursing facilities in Texas with a focus on serving Medicare, Medicaid and managed care patients who have sustained an injury or illness that requires an extended period of recovery and rehabilitation.


Cirries is a technology company in the network management space which serves both domestic and international telecom clients. Cirries provides software analytics that network operators such as Verizon use to monitor traffic across their network, including detail at the router level, in real time.


PureWine produces products that filter the histamines and sulfites out of wine to reduce the effects of wine allergies. The company has two main products: The Wand and The Wave. The Wand is designed to remove histamines and sulfites from a single glass of wine. The Wave is designed to remove histamines and sulfites from an entire bottle of wine. PureWine was founded by Dr. David Meadows and his son Derek. David has a Ph. D from the University of Michigan in bio-medical engineering and spent 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry at Allergan, Alcon and Novartis.

SWC provides account receivable management and customer service solutions to the tolling, government, utilities, telecommunications, cable, property management, and education industries. SWC offers first-party, pre-collect, and third-party collection services to its clients to both reduce operating cost and increase efficiency of their businesses. SWC services many clients from Fortune 500 companies to small public agencies. The Company was founded in 1974 and purchased in 2003 by Jeff Hurt, the current CEO.  


Windhaven Senior Living builds and operates senior living facilities that offer 24-hour personalized care, a low resident to caregiver ratio, and a community designed to create a family atmosphere. Currently, Windhaven Senior Living is in the pre-leasing stages for their Frisco location and is in the process of acquiring land and building additional locations around Dallas – Ft. Worth.


Critter Control© of Fort Worth, Texas is a wildlife control company. The company’s three major services are: Animal control, pest control and wildlife management. These services are provided to homeowners, condos, apartments and other multi-family communities, businesses, organizations and government agencies.

The Gents Place is a hair salon that caters to men and all their grooming needs, offering a place to get a shave, manicure, or haircut, all in one stop. The company owns four locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area which are in different stages of development. In addition, TGP also has locations in Houston, Chicago, and Kansas. MCA originated a term note to The Gents Place previously through Montgomery Capital Partners I for $325,000, and the note was paid off in May 2017.


WorldVentures is an international direct selling company focused on global travel, leisure, and lifestyle. The Company operates in 34 countries and is one of the fastest growing direct selling companies in the world. As of April 2018, there were over 500,000 active customers, primarily in North America and Asia/Oceania. The Company has over 230,000 representatives all around the world. The core product is a lifestyle membership club (“DreamTrips”) which gives its members access to significantly discounted travel and travel/lifestyle related products such as hotel airfare, dining, health, wellness, and entertainment.



JDW Holdings was established in 1949 and for over 65 years has maintained one core focus: to continually improve and update the social skills of our student population. JDW’s main focus is the cotillion in which girls and boys learn various social skills such as dining, dancing, and engaging in conversation. JDW also provides other programs to schools, organizations, and executives. The company currently employs seven full-time instructors and serves over 9,000 students annually. 


IFM Restoration is an online marketplace that connects property managers, owners, and real estate investment trusts with independent contractors to perform maintenance on their properties. Currently IFM only provides services for single-family and multi-family residences but they are in the process of rolling out their services to commercial structures. IFM operates in eight states (TX, OK, MO, KS, IN, FL, TN, AZ) and will be expanding to Georgia.

Hail Merry

Hail Merry is a plant-based snack company that targets the healthy indulgence market. Susan O'Brien founded the company from her kitchen in 2008 and has spread the company's influence to retailers across the country. MCA funded the deal in March 2020 and looks forward to their continued growth. 


FTI Belman provides engineering and technical installation and decommissioning services to telecom and cable company data centers across the U.S. MCA sponsored a management buyout in late 2015 and holds a material equity stake in the Company.


National CB, LLC

National Commercial Builders, Inc. is a full-service construction management company delivering a wide range of commercial general contracting services, including design/build, construction management, and green building throughout the nation.  

In 2009, NCB was formed to deliver reliable, competent, and dependable construction services on a national level, creating successful partnerships with repeat clients.

They bring the commitment, integrity, and quality of over 40 years of general contracting and construction management experience. Projects have grown to include those in the Retail, Office, Hospitality, Entertainment, and Healthcare/Senior Living markets. 

Hari Mari, LLC

Hari Mari is a lifestyle brand that sells footwear and apparel. The company started by selling flip flops that contain a memory foam toe separator for superior comfort. Last year they expanded into the closed toe market and began selling boots and shoes along with apparel including T-shirts, hats, and tank tops.

M3 Glass Technologies

M3 Glass Technologies is a global leader, producing and shipping tons of custom fabricated glass products nationwide from the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. Our secondary distribution center in Austin, TX helps us accommodate our customers in South and Central Texas. Our production facility is comprised of four buildings. The main building is located on part of the original Mammen Farm, which has been in the family for over 100 years. The latest expansion is a 6,000 square foot building that houses our ColorBack paint and Mprint Digital Decorative Glass departments plus the first 720 dpi Dip-Tech AR4000 digital in-glass printer in North America.

Stryve Foods, LLC

Stryve Foods, LLC is a vertically integrated healthy snacking company that offers a highly differentiated meat snack product, biltong, that is naturally superior to any meat snack on the market in America. Biltong is a centuries-old process of air-drying and curing meat, most notably in South Africa. Stryve Biltong is 100% beef with no sugar, MSG, gluten, nitrates or preservatives. All-natural. All flavorful. Always air-dried to lock in flavor and nutrients. And - biltong has more protein in every bite than jerky.  In the last two years, Stryve has completed two strategic acquisitions and built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Madill, Oklahoma.

EMCC Medical Centers, LLC

EMCC Medical Centers, LLC was founded in 2018 (EMCC). Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, EMCC owns and operates Freestanding Emergency Centers (FECs) across DFW.

American Aerospace Tech, Inc

American Aerospace (AATI) provides manned and unmanned aerial services focused on Oil & Gas industry (pipeline patrols). The Company operates aircraft at up to 15,000’ altitudes and has an exclusive/first mover use case to operate in the 500’ – 15,000’ altitude range as part of the NASA SIO program. In addition, AATI recently entered into a series of Master Service Agreements with top oil and gas pipeline operators. It is also worth noting that AATI was chosen by a group of the world’s top operators to lead the industry tech change to automated pipeline surveillance.

Rent 2 Own Trailers 

Rent-2-Own Trailers (“R2O”) partners with food trailer manufacturers (including its affiliate Trailer King Builders) to provide financing solutions for end-users that wish to acquire built-to-specifications food trailers, enabling customers to participate in the mobile food industry through stand-alone food offering offerings or as restaurant brand extensions.

Paycheck Works, LLC

Paycheck Works, LLC (Paycheck Works) is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and provides employee purchasing programs as a benefit that employers can offer to their employee’s. The program allows eligible employees to purchase consumer products from major brands in various product categories including electronics, home appliances, fashion, and houseware through a payroll deduction. Employees that participate in the program make manageable payments through payroll deduction without having to pay interest or hidden fees. This allows employees to improve their standard of living while avoiding high interest consumer debt.


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